• Skyjack products are quality engineered, simple and reliable.
  • Skyjack machines offer one the rental industry’s best life cycle values through the low cost of ownership, ease of service and maintenance, while retaining high residual values.
  • Simplistic control systems using Skyjack’s standard color coded and numbered wiring system (SKYCODED™) make Skyjack machines some of the easiest to troubleshoot and repair
  • Skyjack products are some of the most cost effective as well. They allow you to utilize "off the shelf" parts, as opposed to custom designs, which means that replacing or repairing components is far less costly.
  • Axle based four wheel drive systems are standard.
  • At LPM, we only carry the best-of-the-best, so you can rest assured that every brand we carry has been hand selected for quality and durability.

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